Entesopathy of the quadriceps tendon (runner's knee»)

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Entesopathy of the quadriceps tendon is commonly referred to as" runner's knee " because of the predominant prevalence of this disease among athletes-runners.

This is one of the most common injuries in sports. As is typical for most injuries caused by overuse, entesopathy of the quadriceps tendon develops in three stages:
  • first (light): pain is felt only after activity and does not affect the performance of actions;
  • second (moderate): pain is felt during and after activity;
  • Third (severe): pain during and after activity is more prolonged and may be felt during daily activities. 
Symptoms of "runner's knee":

  • develop gradually
  • pain just above the knee Cup, especially in the sitting position
  • pain after activity, including running
  • swelling
  • knee can become logopedija after staying in one position
  • limitations in the ability to run
  • in the final stages, the pain is all the time
  • repetitive loads and muscle contractions
  • weak and inelastic thigh muscles create a predisposition to this condition.  
Due to the poor blood supply to the tendon, the healing process is very slow, making this injury one of the most difficult to treat.

With age, as a result of overexertion, the tendon fibers degenerate and weaken. Some fibers wear out, some tear, and eventually the tendon loses its strength. The body tries to somehow restore strength to the tendon and with the help of scar tissue, the tendon thickens. As a result, areas of altered tissue are formed instead of tendon tissue. This condition is called tendinitis or tendinosis. Such areas are much weaker than healthy areas and often painful.
If you treat it in time and correctly, you can be cured completely. 
Treatment of entesopathy of the quadriceps tendon < br>
  • applying ice
  • resting
  • taking anti-inflammatory drugs
Physical therapy.

Treatment of "runner's knee" by shock wave therapy: the course of treatment consists of 4-6 sessions lasting 15-20 minutes with an interval of 5-7 days.

Surgical treatment

Surgically, the end of the tendon sheath is opened to give it more space, and the inflamed tissue is cut off.



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