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Vasil Matveev

I wanted to thank you all again❤️
Especially Ruslan Alekseevich for a quality operation! ⠀⠀

Today I passed the lifeguard exams in the Republic of Poland.

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Vladimir Ogloblin, 10-times world medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, sambo, world and European champion in powerlifting

I operated on you twice for a habitual dislocation of the right shoulder - in 2007 and 2008. Since then, I became the world medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling 10 times, freestyle wrestling, sambo among masters, and in 2020 I won the world heavyweight sambo.

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Tatiana Anistratenko

I want to say a huge "thank you" to the doctors of the clinic. The history of visiting the clinic is quite simple: after wandering through various traumatologists in order to get help and advice, I learned about the Wizards from the Ruslan Sergienko clinic.

I made an appointment with Ruslan Alekseevich. She told me about her problems. I received a qualified response and recommendations. No "violence" and persuasion about the need for surgical intervention, on the contrary! The advice is to be patient as long as I can, and then decide.

I have several problems (a long-standing plus fresh shoulder injury received with a recent patellar fracture, coxarthrosis of the hip joint).
No persuasions that it is necessary to operate on all three joints, but the diagnoses were honestly voiced and the proposal to decide for yourself. I made up my mind. A week ago, Ruslan Alekseevich, together with Julian Yevgenyevich, performed a complex operation on my skin.! shoulder joint. Fixed several issues. Even the rehabilitation specialist, after reading the statement, joked: "how did you manage to collect so much in one joint?»

Now the condition is after surgery. It's hard, but I'm fighting. Thank you very much!
Ruslan Alekseevich's joke at the consultation is still in my ears: when my husband asked me when I would be able to get behind the wheel, Ruslan Alekseevich answered without a shadow of a smile: "Yes, at least the next day! This is not a Kamaz truck to drive! Put your hand on the steering wheel and drive." Only after the operation did I realize that this is just such a playful and gentle method of calming the patient.

Many thanks to the anesthesiologist Nikolai Nikolaevich! So friendly and calm, ready to lend a shoulder to my little sister, who is struggling with my problem veins, and will not leave me alone with pain even in the postoperative period. Thank you!

I can't help but note the attention of the girls at the reception, Anya's manager, and Nadia's very touching and caring sister.

Today I was bandaged not by my attending physician, but by Alexey Ivanovich. And then ! same: polite, attentive attitude, recommendations.

I never tire of being surprised and admired !!! Thank you so much to everyone!


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Alena Pilipenko-ballroom dancing, champion of Ukraine, vice-champion of the Netherlands, semi-finalist of the world championship

Thank you all very much, without you I would not have had such achievements, we are one team. When I go out on the floor, I always remember why and thanks to whom I can conquer new heights again.

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Igor Shevadzutsky - Ukrainian professional boxer, competing in the heavyweight category, master of sports of international class

I had a knee injury (meniscus).) ... I got to the best, as I believe, doctors-I was operated on by Ruslan Alekseevich Sergienko and Alexey Ivanovich Olifirenko.

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Yuriy Tsarev, expert in the field of hairdressing and make-up (Kiev), founder of Yuriy Tsarov beauty salons, is one of the Platinum 7 stylists in Ukraine

The operation was successful, and I am confidently recovering. Thanks to the Ruslan Sergienko Orthopedics Medical Center, which has been lifting me to my feet for the second time.

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Axelrud Iosif Igorevich, director of the United Jewish community of Ukraine

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the doctors Anna Yakovlevna Vovchenko and Ruslan Alekseyevich Sergienko, who provided me with medical care very quickly and efficiently.

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Advantages of treatment in Orthopedics by Ruslan Sergienko

  • 10 years on medical services in Ukraine
  • > 25 years of experience with leading specialists
  • Anna Vovchenko and Ruslan Sergienko are recognized opinion leaders among the orthopedic traumatologists
  • > 150,000 consultations were held
  • > 7,500 surgeries were performed
  • All types of pain management
  • The operating unit is equipped according to international standards
  • Availability of all medicines and supplies
  • Single rooms, equipped with the characteristics of orthopedic patients
  • Three meals a day
  • Postoperative rehabilitation by certified specialists
  • Pricing Transparency

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