Changing the name of the clinic

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Changing the name of the clinic

The news has been published: 02.09.2020

Changing the name of the clinic
Naming a clinic after a leading doctor is a bold and binding step.
Each patient can be sure that they are in the circle of a caring team that is ready to use all their competencies to treat your problem.
This is a team United by our favorite leader - Ruslan Alekseevich Sergienko

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Advantages of treatment in Orthopedics by Ruslan Sergienko

  • 10 years on medical services in Ukraine
  • > 25 years of experience with leading specialists
  • Anna Vovchenko and Ruslan Sergienko are recognized opinion leaders among the orthopedic traumatologists
  • > 150,000 consultations were held
  • > 7,500 surgeries were performed
  • All types of pain management
  • The operating unit is equipped according to international standards
  • Availability of all medicines and supplies
  • Single rooms, equipped with the characteristics of orthopedic patients
  • Three meals a day
  • Postoperative rehabilitation by certified specialists
  • Pricing Transparency

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