Injections of Red Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMAC)

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) (research: bone marrow aspirate concentrate) -

it is a promising modern regenerative therapy that helps to naturally repair damaged parts of the musculoskeletal system due to the influence of a balanced complex of mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, cytokines. Unlike other cells in the body, bone marrow cells are "undifferentiated", which means that they are able to copy themselves into different types of tissues. When an injury occurs, the number of repair cells needed to regenerate tissue is often inadequate. In BMAC, the concentrate of regenerating cells provides healing of damaged tissue and promotes recovery by accelerating the body's natural healing mechanism. BMAC reduces swelling, relieves pain and improves healing of cartilage, tendons and bones.

The technique is widely used in US clinics, approved by regulatory authorities, has a scientifically proven effectiveness and allows to improve with traumatic injuries and chronic orthopedic diseases.

In which cases is the use of puncture autotransplantation of red bone marrow concentrate indicated?

Technology is evolving and the scope is expanding. In our clinic, the indications for BMAC are determined individually depending on a set of factors. Currently scientifically proven effectiveness in the range of orthopedic and traumatic diseases:

✔ osteoarthritis 2-3 stages;
✔ local cartilage defects from chondromalacia to full-layer defects;
✔ enthesopathy of various localizations ("tennis player's elbow", "golfer's elbow", "jumper's knee", "runner's knee", ARS-syndrome, partial injuries of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, achillopathy, etc.);
✔ delayed consolidation, unfused bone fractures;
✔ simultaneously with operations that do not require postoperative drainage of the joint (such as arthroscopic debridement of the damaged part of the cartilage, meniscus suture, meniscectomy, suture of the articular lip);
✔condition after surgery for rapid recovery.

Advantages of BMAC:

✔ balanced complex of own mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors;
✔ one-stage procedure - does not require culturing cells in the laboratory;
✔ natural regenerative mechanisms of an organism are started, instead of simply symptomatology is removed;
✔ accuracy of aspiration and introduction (performed under radiological and ultrasound control);
✔ technology is minimally invasive and safe.

Algorithm of the procedure in our clinic

The patient is examined in advance in the laboratory, instrumentally, indications and possible contraindications are determined. All manipulations with biological material occur in compliance with strict rules of asepsis and antiseptics. During bone marrow collection, anesthesia is achieved by sedation and / or local infiltrative anesthesia under dynamic monitoring and anesthesia. Using a Jamshidi-type bone needle, 80-200 ml of red bone marrow is punctured from the pelvic wing through radiographic control through a point incision in the skin. Centrifugation on specialized equipment divides the bone marrow into fractions, the target layer is selected and under ultrasound control is introduced into the damaged area. The cycle of autotransplantation involves a short stay of the bone marrow outside the body and no contact with the environment. After the patient is in the clinic under supervision for up to 4 hours.


What to expect next? When will recovery come?

Local pain and swelling are sometimes observed within the first 48-72 hours and usually do not require painkillers. As with any invasive procedure, more serious complications are possible, but their probability is 0.05%. As natural mechanisms of restoration of the damaged structures are started - it is necessary to expect the maximum therapeutic effect in 3-6 months depending on a clinical case.

What is the difference between PRP and BMAC?

The principle of operation is similar - activation of natural regenerative mechanisms. BMAC can be used for severe damage to the musculoskeletal system. The advantage of bone marrow concentrate is the presence of mesenchymal stem cells, a larger range and number of growth factors.

How does it combine with other treatments?

Possible combination with topical application of hyaluronic acid and PRP. It should not be combined with hormonal drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Possible contraindications?

Indications and contraindications are determined individually during the consultation and diagnostic process. Absolute contraindications are:

✔ acute infectious diseases;
✔ blood diseases and hematopoiesis;
✔ malignant neoplasms;
✔ rheumatic disease in the active phase.

Advantages of treatment in Orthopedics by Ruslan Sergienko

  • 10 years on medical services in Ukraine
  • > 25 years of experience with leading specialists
  • Anna Vovchenko and Ruslan Sergienko are recognized opinion leaders among the orthopedic traumatologists
  • > 150,000 consultations were held
  • > 7,500 surgeries were performed
  • All types of pain management
  • The operating unit is equipped according to international standards
  • Availability of all medicines and supplies
  • Single rooms, equipped with the characteristics of orthopedic patients
  • Three meals a day
  • Postoperative rehabilitation by certified specialists
  • Pricing Transparency

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