What is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic surgery for traumatic injuries and diseases of the joints

- these are surgical interventions through several punctures of the skin above the joint under the control of a video camera.

An enlarged image of the internal structure of the joint is displayed on the monitor, and the orthopedic surgeon uses special tools to perform manipulations inside the joint with high accuracy and minimal tissue injury.

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Arthroscopic operations are best performed because:

surgical intervention more precisely
tools for small-size arthroscopic operations, which improves the quality of the operation and reduces injury to the joint tissues
operation without contact of the joint with the environment-reduces the risk of postoperative infection
without injuring soft tissues with surgical hooks for diluting the edges of the wound
accelerated healing period and hospital stay
postoperative scars are much less noticeable after healing – women will be able to wear short skirts without stress.

The vast majority of surgical procedures in our center are performed arthroscopically.

Preparation for the operation in our center

the patient is assigned a date of hospitalization
before the operation, the patient: passes tests and makes examinations, the full list of which is determined individually
hospitalization on the morning of the operation
examination by an anesthesiologist, making a decision on the optimal method of anesthesia
the patient is taken to the operating unit, the anesthesiologist performs intravenous administration of anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.


Pain relief

In our center there are 2 anesthesiologists who know all the methods of anesthesia and are focused on working with orthopedic patients. The optimal method of anesthesia is chosen by the anesthesiologist taking into account many factors and is previously discussed with both the orthopedist and the patient.

The use of anesthesia in our time is not dangerous for the patient's body.

During anesthesia, the doctor constantly monitors the vital signs and the amount of drugs, depending on the duration of the surgical intervention.

It is impossible to wake up during the operation.

After the operation, after a certain time, the effect of the drug ends, and the patient wakes up.

During spinal anesthesia, a local anesthetic solution is injected into the subarachnoid space located in the spinal canal. As a result, there is anesthesia of the lower half of the body or one leg. The introduction of a local anesthetic is carried out below the end of the spinal cord, the injury of the latter during spinal anesthesia is excluded. The dose of the anesthetic is so small that it can be compared to anesthesia in dentistry. 

3-7 minutes after the introduction of a local anesthetic, there is a temporary blockage of the nerve fibers that innervate the lower half of the body or one leg, which is accompanied by a feeling of warmth, numbness, decreased sensitivity and relaxation of the muscles of the lower extremities. The duration of action, depending on the chosen anesthetic, can be from 4 to 6 hours.

Advantages of arthroscopy in the medical center "Orthopedics of Ruslan Sergienko"

the center has been operating for 10 years in the medical services market;

25 years of experience with leading specialists (Ruslan Sergienko, PhD, Anna Vovchenko, PhD); 

doctor training abroad;

full technical support of the operation; 

availability of all necessary medicines and supplies;

modern operating room with clean air conditioning technology; 

anesthesiologists know all the methods of anesthesia;

comfortable rooms;

3 meals a day restaurant type.

Specialists of the center

In our medical center, arthroscopy is performed by experienced orthopedic traumatologists:

✔  Sergienko Ruslan Alekseevich

✔  Satyshev Nikolay Mikhailovich

 Bursuk Julian Evgenievich

✔  Olifirenko Alexey Ivanovich

Golovchak Andrey Vitalievich

as well as a number of invited specialists.


Ruslan Sergiyenko is a leading specialist of Ukraine in the field of arthroscopic surgery: more than 23 years of work, thousands of performed arthroscopies and grateful patients.


Ruslan Alekseyevich studied arthroscopy and endoprosthetics in the best orthopedic clinics in Europe: Hungary (1999), Spain (2002, 2009, 2011), the Netherlands (2003), Austria (2007, 2011), Great Britain (2009), France (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015), Germany (2010, 2011, 2014, 2016). Ruslan Alekseevich was one of the first in Ukraine to introduce arthroscopic operations into the routine practice of an orthopedic traumatologist.

Julian E. Bursuk has completed a number of cadaver courses on hip and shoulder arthroscopy in Europe and is one of the few orthopedists in Ukraine who knows the techniques of hip arthroscopy.


The level of theoretical and practical training of our specialists in arthroscopy allows them to achieve the best results of providing assistance in each specific case.

Since August 2020, the clinic has been operating courses for orthopedists and traumatologists of Ukraine on knee arthroscopy, which involve all the specialists of our center as curators and teachers.

Latest generation medical equipment

To perform arthroscopic operations, it is necessary to have special medical equipment, the main one of which is an arthroscopic stand.


We use the most modern arthroscopic equipment from the world's leading manufacturers: Stryker, De puy, Arthrex, Smith &Nephew, ConMed.

This allows our specialists to perform operations at the highest level and guarantee the most successful results of treatment.

The capabilities of our equipment allow you to record all the actions of the surgeon and record the progress of the operation on video. This serves as an additional guarantee of high quality of treatment and allows you to be confident in the success of the operation.


The bulk of consumables for operations is disposable. 


However, it is also possible to unsubscribe from the tools and reusable.

Our center pays special attention to the high-quality sterilization of reusable instruments for the prevention of infection.

We use one of the most modern and highly efficient systems - a 4-stage sterilization system, which allows you to better treat instruments from contamination (blood, tissue residues, etc.) and completely destroy all types of microorganisms. This eliminates the risk of infection during the operation and guarantees absolute safety of surgical treatment in our center.

For sterilization, we use the equipment of the company Melag (Germany) - a recognized world leader in the production of high-quality systems for sterilization. This equipment is very reliable, guarantees high quality of sterilization, allows you to carefully clean even such fragile equipment as an arthroscope, without damaging the optical system and without violating the integrity of the video camera.

Sterilization steps:

stage 1 - mechanical washing;

stage 2 - ultrasonic washing with antiseptic;

Stage 3 - pre-individual packaging of each tool for safe storage before surgery;

Stage 4 - sterilization of instruments in an autoclave.





Stay in the hospital

Inpatient treatment takes place in single rooms, which are not inferior in terms of comfort and service to hotel rooms. The ward has everything necessary for a comfortable stay of the patient: a comfortable bed, bathroom with shower, TV, individual three-course meal is offered, a nurse is on duty around the clock.






Recovery after surgery begins immediately. All patients operated on by us receive a free consultation with a rehabilitation specialist, where they develop an individual program of rapid recovery. It includes various types of massage, therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy treatments.





Experienced rehabilitation specialists of the center and physiotherapy equipment of the latest generation allow you to quickly restore the function of the operated joint and return to an active lifestyle.

Postoperative support

✔ Free doctor's consultations and postoperative observation for 6 months.

✔ Telephone communication with the doctor during the entire recovery period.

✔ Printed recommendations on lifestyle and physical activity: booklets, brochures, author's guides for patients after surgery.

The cost of the operation

Calculated in advance and includes everything you need:

✔ stay and food in the hospital;

✔ consumables: medicines, disposable surgical kits, clamps, etc .;

✔ modern anesthesia during and after surgery;

✔ work of medical staff: surgical team, anesthesiology team, hospital staff;

✔ individual lesson with a professional rehabilitation specialist immediately after the operation with a step-by-step explanation of the rehabilitation program;

✔ printed guide to recommendations for the development of the operated joint, postoperative behavior in everyday life;

✔ bandaging, suturing;

✔ postoperative observation by the operating surgeon for 6 months;

✔UZD monitoring of the postoperative condition of the operated joint (according to indications).

Any form of payment is accepted. We cooperate with insurance companies.

Patients operated on in our center are provided with:

✔ in the presence of indications - 50% discount on paraarticular injections of growth factors (can be recommended for better tissue healing after surgery);
✔ 40% discount on rehabilitation and kinesiotherapy (partner rehabilitation department - 7th floor of MedBud Hospital);
✔10% discount on massage and physiotherapy (7th floor of MedBud Hospital).

Entrust the care of your health to professionals!

Advantages of treatment in Orthopedics by Ruslan Sergienko

  • 10 years on medical services in Ukraine
  • > 25 years of experience with leading specialists
  • Anna Vovchenko and Ruslan Sergienko are recognized opinion leaders among the orthopedic traumatologists
  • > 150,000 consultations were held
  • > 7,500 surgeries were performed
  • All types of pain management
  • The operating unit is equipped according to international standards
  • Availability of all medicines and supplies
  • Single rooms, equipped with the characteristics of orthopedic patients
  • Three meals a day
  • Postoperative rehabilitation by certified specialists
  • Pricing Transparency

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